Grasis Towers

Your single-source, in-house provider of products and services for

the wireless communication industry.

C.E.S. Towers, LLC (formerly Grasis Towers)

• New Towers – C.E.S. Towers, LLC currently designs and manufactures the M46, M54 and M64 guyed towers and the 3ST self-support tower.  Each tower is designed for your specific loading criteria. This enables us to offer you a more cost effective product based on your specific requirements.

• Tower Re-work – Due to our patented design, reworks are both simple and cost effective on Grasis/Andrews Towers.  C.E.S. Towers specializes in the engineering, design, and manufacture of material for C.E.S. and Andrew Towers, as well as, all major brands of tower in the market today.  We have drawings for many existing Grasis and Andrews Towers. We offer tower analysis services to provide your rework design and materials.

• Furnish  – C.E.S. Towers, LLC offers a full line of tower components. This includes, but is not limited to the following:  (Antenna Mounts and Platforms • Side Arm and Universal Mounts • Ice Shields • Vertical Waveguide Ladders • Climbing Ladders • Safety Climb Devices • Waveguide Bridges • Guywire and Accessories • Tower Hardware • Grounding Material)